Enough of the lone wolf approach! 

Do more

In less time

With like-minded writers

Proven results


Collaboration = Expansion

Bonded by a common purpose, and in response to "Over the last 5 years, what shook you up? What aha or pivot did you act upon? How are you better, not bitter?"


Your close-knit co-writers will literally up-level you, your story, your impact & your reach.

Figuring it all out alone takes time. A LOT of time...
👉Quickly move from 'wonder' to WOW. How? 
'Idea-to-ISBN' in a week is a proven working concept.

Even if you have a book already, the benefits of being a Rattled Awake 
co-author is a marketing plus for your existing or future book, and business.
Instant authority, credibility and expertise is yours, forever.

Have you tried to get started but don't know where to begin, how to end, and wonder, what goes in the middle?


Some people spend years and never get as far as we do in a weekend, for oh-so-many reasons. And it's sad, because someone out there needs to hear what needs to be said - by YOU.


Taking the zipline to the finish line is work, but it's also one heckuva productive time together. 🎯


Who has time to monkey around in the jungle? We skim the tree tops and get the tool you need for business, and want to personally achieve: a book. A really good book, in fact. 


It was designed to rank high on the world's biggest book-selling platform.


Why does this matter? 

1.) It instantly elevates your authority, credibility & expertise.


2.) It gets the attention of your ideal audience/readers.


3.) Co-creating a best-seller adds value to your courses, speaking career, and business offers.

What is not given is lost...


Learn how to say what you

 were born to convey.



 Lean on an expert, enjoy the benefits of leveraging networks in a collaborative approach + gain essential skills that will save you time, frustration, and expensive mistakes.


Become an author for life in one weekend.

You can do it. 


First-time writers are very welcome!

Promotions are the most fun!

Marketing your message, mission, passion, business, course or service is easier when you have a a collective standing behind you, cheering you on, and supporting you like you deserve.


Lean on an expert to get started. Trust the collaboration to get you "there." 


It is soo much easier...and way more fun.

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Rattled Awake, Volume 11: The Mental Health Issue

Transformational Writing Workshop & Publishing Experience
NEW: August 23-25, 2024
Publish September 5, 2024

- Make a name for yourself, leave a legacy for others -
Become a published author in 1 week 
Watch how your life transforms... 👇

Series Premise: "Over the past 5 years, what event caused you to change your perspective, or way of living? How are you better, not bitter?" 
How did you bounce back from a setback?

{please scroll righthand bar down to play this short video} 


 There are authors, there are editors, 
and then there is Lonnee Rey.  

I had the privilege of participating in Lonnee's groundbreaking project, the 'Rattled Awake' book series, Volume 2, and it was nothing short of a life-altering experience. Over the span of three intense days, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of exceptional authors (both new and experienced authors). Together, we weaved a tapestry of inspiring stories, each recounting our deeply personal 'Rattled Awake' moments. 

Under Lonnee's guidance, the creative synergy among us was nothing short of remarkable. Her unwavering dedication to the project, her keen editorial eye, and her exceptional talent for fostering a collaborative atmosphere brought out the best in each of us. 

The result was a book that not only resonates with readers but also reflects the exceptional quality that only a visionary like Lonnee Rey could instill. 

Working with Lonnee Rey is a testament to her ability to drive transformation and inspire excellence in her peers. She is a shining star in the world of literature, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with her. I wholeheartedly recommend Lonnee Rey for any project or endeavor she chooses to undertake, for she is a beacon of innovation and an exemplar of excellence in her field.

~Gene Petrino

Gene Petrino


(Violence Prevention SME) 

I help CEO’s increase profitability by leveraging SAFETY. Healthcare Safety Expert. ⭐ SWAT Commander(Ret.) ⭐Security Consultant⭐ Workplace Violence ⭐ Active Shooter ⭐ Situational Awareness ⭐ De-escalation ⭐Speaker/Author

Nancy O'Neill

Rattled Awake: Volume 8

How my life has changed since I became a best selling co-author in the series:


“I want to encourage anyone and everyone to share their life story. Whether it be in small chunks or a full version. You matter, and your story matters. When I tell anyone that I am co-author of an international best-selling book, I see their eyes light up, a spark of hope. Those words hold potential for them, for others they might help, as yet unexplored. Leave a legacy for your family and friends. It’s time to put pen to paper and help empower others.” 

— Nancy O’Neill AKA ‘Is this Justice’ 2024.    

I recently was a member of a Rattled Awake group where 10 of us came together to author a book. Many of us were not writers but we had stories to tell. I struggle to write anything longer than a tweet. (Or X or whatever they call them this week) 

Over the course of the 3 days and 10 hours, we met as a group led by our fearless leader, Lonnee Rey, and at the end of that time, we had nearly completed a book and I had written more than 360 words. 

None of this, and I mean none, could have happened without Lonnee's guidance. She is not only a gifted writer herself she is an excellent facilitator and has a knack for drawing the best out of her clients. 

She has a natural connection with people and a fun and caring demeanor which creates an inspirational environment. 

If you have ever entertained the idea of writing a book but like me struggle to get pen to paper, I highly recommend her workshop. You'll emerge as an author but also armed to tell your story.

~Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson

Professional Speaker / International Bestselling Co-Author / Sales Nerd Ending Techsplaining Through Stories

I continue to be in awe of her amazing capabilities to catalyze such soul-healing magic in just a few days. Ensuring the published anthologies consistently become Best sellers within 24 hours of launching is truly a fantastic achievement! 

We celebrate, love, and deeply appreciate you Lonnee, thank you for igniting our lives, “rattling” and accelerating beautiful life-transforming ripples into our world.
~Chiyedza Nyahuye

Chiyedza Nyahuye

2x #1 International Best Seller Co-Author | Catalyzing Sales Professionals' Zones of Genius | Empathetic Sales Professional | People-Centered Work Culture Promoter

Lonnee is an awesome mentor to entrepreneurial non-fiction authors like me. Her attention to detail and active listening skills were instrumental in calling out what I was not highlighting to promote my own work. Implementing her practical suggestions and feedback got me the boost I didn’t know I needed! I highly recommend working with her! 

Angela Johnson, CST

Professional People Geek | Author | CEO | Certified Scrum Trainer | Business Agility Guide & Mentor

After disqualifying myself from the first two volumes without even making an inquiry regarding participation, it was the magic number 3 that shook me out of that daze and I jumped into the collaborative writing workshop for Rattled Awake Volume Three. How exciting to work with such inspiring individuals sharing stories of resilience. 

And... !!! WoW !!! How fast we went from wondering writers to published authors to co-authors of an International Bestselling Book! 💥🚀 

What a well organized onboarding and weekend workshop experience. With Lonnee's expert guidance in story craft that delivers and - BOOM - just like that we're published in less than a week thanks to her astounding skills in pulling it all together despite the difficulties that inevitably arise! 

🙏Thank you so much Lonnee for fanning the flames and igniting the fire that's skyrocketing so many of us into success with this incredible International Bestselling Anthology Series: Rattled Awake. 

Whether you're a first time writer or an established author, I highly recommend working with Lonnee Rey, it will make your day! 📖✍️😍

~Wendy S. Wiseman, 3x co-author and Best-seller, Rattled Awake series

Wendy Wiseman

Get WISE and THRIVE Lifelong!⚡ Start Taming Your Tension for Limitless Longevity! ⚡👊😍⚡ Coaching Courses Community & Collaboration Helping the Tense & Tired Move Better to Live Well

Lonnee Rey helped me in so many ways between coming up with ideas, content strategy, marketing, editing, podcast guesting....the list goes on and on. She really helped me with believing in myself,  got me off my butt and made me execute. 

If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have a book at all. 

 I would have never thought I was capable to dream such a thing! Thank you Lonnee Rey for turning me into a bestselling author!  -Dr. Shannon Whittington

Dr. Shannon  Whittington 

LGBTQ+ Speaker-Nurse Educator-

Bestselling Author-Consultant-Board Member-Top Professional Nurse of the Year-

Daisy Award-Crains Award-

Top 50 LGBTQ+ Power List-Quality & Innovation Award

Lonnee helped changed my perspective about life, and career. 

I was struggling to find my target audience, then we had a video call that changed my life. I left that call with so many insights!  

She even went as far as connecting me with book publishers which are my target audience. 

My career took a positive turn after my call with her. She’s my go to person. 

I highly recommend her.

Christian Damiete

Founder and CEO at Creative Hands Studio

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