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We have all been through a LOT in the past 5 years...

What event shook you the most?


We are in this together...these are ways to make it better!


Interviews that succinctly share insights gained from those 'ohh no!' moments and life-altering events.


Would you like to share your message on the global microphone, too?


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Rattled Awake Cafe

Lonnee hosts short interviews with spectacular minds on 

The Rattled Awake Cafe.

She has created audios of her chapters for easy listening of important topics like food security and personal safety.

WHAT?! 3 shocking minutes with Liz Foster

We have all been through a lot over the last 5 years - but for Liz? Well, the punches kept coming, literally. Check out this true Phoenix's rise from the ground, ashes-and-all, in Rattled Awake: Volume Seven 


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Kat Polsinelli

She's here to disrupt the societal norm of hiding away as a way of life. In this short clip, Kat Polsinelli packs a powerful vibe of a woman who knows what she knows. Beyond confidence, hers is a deep knowing - listening to her is mesmerizing and transformative. 


Her writing reflects an experienced woman's resolve to give away all she has learned for the benefit of all, for all time. The impact she has made in her sons' lives, and for her clients, cannot be overestimated. 


"The Silent Storm" is available for free preview on Amazon.

Chef Jill Sullivan: The Story Behind the Story

Caretaking, made light...sorta. It is never easy, but it can be fun. A short story behind the story , "I wanted to help other caregivers," she said. Co-author, "Rattled Awake: Volume Two" Chef Jill Sullivan wrote her heart out for this book. In honor of Joan Get this, and Jill's first story, in Rattled Awake: Volume One 

Chiyedza Nyahuye - The Story Behind the Story

"Something was deeply embedded inside and at 5 years old, I knew I had the power to create the kind of life that I want to live." 2X #1 International Best-selling Co-author, in the "Rattled Awake" series, Chiyedza Nyahue is affectionately known as "Sunshine with Legs." Her story behind "Laugh, Play, Heal" (Vol 3) is pure JOY, literally. She is a mesmerizing public speaker! Find her: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiyedza-nyahuye-a3770716/ 


Read her amazing story: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLRC4NPR

"I never wanted to be a mother" - Lisa Marree fesses-up

Who says that?! Lisa Marree shares the very raw & real truth about becoming the stepmother to children she never wanted, but did, but didn't. It was a twist of fate that changed her story for the better. co-author of "Rattled Awake: Volume Five" Read her very raw tale, for free, by clicking here and selecting "Read a Sample"  _________________________ 


Neuro Medical Scientist, Lisa Marree, is the poster child for personal growth and we love her for it. She is giving people back their lives as a quantum trainer for women in business. Find the solutions you need to become the person you are meant to be: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-marree/

The Art of Traveling Light - Read by Author Lonnee Rey

When you follow your inner GPS, your "BIG Yes!" it works out. CRAZY stories of how the author's "BIG Yes!" lead her to Alaska, down the Mississippi, and managing BB King, Jr. Let this inspire you to follow your BIG yeses. From the International Best-seller, "Rattled Awake: Volume Three" Get the book, featuring 9 incredible stories from writers who were SHOOK over the past 5 years: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CM1FPLVF 


Share your enlightened moment with the world - your voice is needed in the next edition of Rattled Awake!

Silver Linings
Zen Benefiel

This man has been rattled awake soo much it's hard to fathom. As the co-creator of "Rattled Awake: The Podcasters' Edition," Zen's presence invites readers to engage in self-reflection, then invites them to join him on a global peace initiative so big it has legs of its own, and is running full steam ahead. SUBSCRIBE: One World in a New World on YTY https://youtu.be/UiWWGYaHT88 Get Zen's incredible story, along with 7 other podcasters: Amazon

My Psychedelic Rattle
Sam Liebowitz

Who is this guy? Know what he knows, and you'll have a better time. "My Psychedelic Rattle" - author Sam Liebowitz's oh-so-important chapter in "Rattled Awake: The Podcasters' Edition" is for anyone considering plant medicine for healing and conscious expansion. In an era of confusion and disruption, meet Sam Liebowitz, the Conscious Consultant, who is on a mission to bridge ancient wisdom with a modern perspective. His goal is to empower individuals to overcome life's challenges and achieve personal growth without the need for gurus or experts telling them they need to be fixed. Check out the full list of tips he wrote in the newly-released book: Amazon

Peace of 

Read by the author, Lonnee Rey


IMAGINE: a blaring alarm and smoke so thick you have to crawl on the floor to breathe. Could you escape your home in under 3mins? What if there was a fire or weather event that forced you OUT? Would you be ready? This Rattled Awake chapter, read by the author, Lonnee Rey, provides insights and strategies you can use to be prepared now, just in case. For more great stories, get a copy of the International Best-seller, "Rattled Awake: Volume Five" right here: Amazon

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